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i'll be adding our Live training calendar here and I will email you as well. The link to our Zoom calls will be included.

Lesson 1 Stop Carrying the Past With You!

This lesson is foundational, don't skip ahead without going through the video and work book, Stop carrying the past with you...yep its time to let go of the stuff that weighs you down.

Lesson 2 Creating Confidence and Self Worth

Lesson 3 Understand Your Thoughts and Triggers

Lesson 4 Breakup with Insecurity and Comparison

Lesson 5 - Deciding not to be stuck, afraid or overwhelmed

Lesson 6 Making Values Based Decisions

Dive into this module to learn how to make values based decisions and why that's important. 

Lesson 7 Perfectionism & Self Grace

In this lesson you'll learn how to breakup with perfectionism and apply self grace. 

Lesson 8 - What to do when you're disappointed

How to handle waiting, disappointment and standing firm!

Modules for this offerings 10

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